15 Ways To Select The Perfect Corporate Attorney For Your Litigation

15 Ways To Select The Perfect Corporate Attorney For Your Litigation

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In 70 percent of those cases, investigators determined there wasn’t evidence immediately available to make a finding that discrimination occurred. Many, however, were dismissed without a full or even cursory investigation; last year, just 2.9 percent of all resolved cases were found to have reasonable cause. “We’re devoting our resources to charges where there seems to be more likelihood to find discrimination that we can attempt to resolve, and spend fewer resources on charges where it appears less likely to find discrimination,” said EEOC Project Manager Nicholas Inzeo, who oversees the agency’s 53 field offices. Some lawyers say dismissing complaints without full investigations can discourage workers from pursuing their claim in court. “It’s easy to say there’s no reasonable cause if you don’t do an investigation,” said Richard T. Seymour, an employment lawyer. Attorney Jacob Small said many workers don’t want to go through the lengthy, emotionally draining and very public process of filing a lawsuit. “So many people realize it’s just easier for them to move on or to take a very small settlement that doesn’t compensate them for the harm they’ve actually suffered,” he said. The agency’s handling of federal-employee complaints often takes even longer. Federal employees must first file a complaint with their agency’s equal-employment office, which conducts an investigation. The employee may then file a lawsuit or request a hearing with an EEOC administrative judge. The average time to resolve a federal complaint with the EEOC is about a year and a half, though complaints filed in busy offices can take much longer. In 2016, just 73 judges were tasked with handling roughly 20,000 cases.

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